Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Twas the first day of Christmas

The day after Thanksgiving was a busy one for the girls in apartment #3. After a morning dose of the Deathly Hallows we headed to Corner Bistro for burgers and beer. On the walk home we passed a Christmas tree stand (I keep calling it a "farm") and figured there was no time like the present.

{roommates, tree carrying}

Christmas kind of went to our heads from that point on. The lights and ornaments came out from the depths of our closets and under our beds, bottles of wine leftover from Thanksgiving (um, five of them) were mulled with cinnamon and orange, and texts were sent.

{trimming the tree}

{stockings, hung with care}

Soon the apartment was filled with Christmas music and friends, cheeks rosy with wine and the very first dose of Christmas cheer. By the end of the evening the apartment was decorated, the stockings were hung, and one of us had whipped her hair in a moment of pure charades genius. I love a good impromptu Christmas gathering.

{megan, spontaneous wreath making}

{merry christmas, apt. 3}

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