Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy golden days of yore

The Library of Congress has a Flickr feed, did you know that? It's easy to spend a lot of time clicking through the photos, wondering who the people in photographs are, what their lives were like, and what those places look like now. I love the Christmas photos, especially from New York.

Xmas tree in Madison Sq. Park, N.Y.C. (LOC)
{christmas tree in madison square park, between 1910-1915}

[Christmas trees and wreaths in store window display] (LOC)
{christmas window display, 1941 or 1942}

Xmas shoppers (LOC)
{so many hats! christmas shoppers, between 1910-1915}

Load of Xmas trees, N.Y. (LOC)
{christmas trees in a horse-drawn cart, 1910}

[Boy beside store window display of Christmas ornaments] (LOC)
{christmas window display, 1941 or 1941}

This last little boy reminds me of the kid in A Christmas Story. He's probably asking for a Red Ryder BB gun.

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