Thursday, December 9, 2010

12 Days of Christmas: Day 4

On the fourth day of Christmas, it's my turn to give a gift to my roommates (side note: I can't stand when "gift" is used as a verb). I was wrapping long after the sun went down, so excuse the photo. The twine is from IKEA, of all places, as are the tiny ornaments.

                                                                                  {the fourth day of Christmas, wrapped}

Anyway. On the fourth day of Christmas my roommates received from me...

                                                                                                   {coasters, ready for giving}

Handmade wooden doily coasters. They're from the uncommon shop on etsy, and they were kind enough to create a custom listing for these (they usually sell them in sets of 5, I asked for 6 and for the round and square ones to be packaged together). Etsy is so great.


  1. i do not care for the use of "gift" as a verb either!

    thanks roomie for the magical coasters. may they be resting places for many cool beverages at 252 in the years to come!


  2. oooh those coasters are so pretty! roommate fun is the best-- glad to see you ladies are taking full advantage of the season:)


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