Wednesday, October 24, 2012



Last summer I made the blueberry pie you see above and, running late with no time to let it cool, wrapped it in a towel, shoved it in a tote bag and headed out to Brooklyn. By the time I had crossed the East River, my towel and tote were soaked through and stained with blueberry juice. If only I had had a PieBox!



PieBox is a simple, lovely pine box that snugly fits one pie. Pie plates are awkward to carry, so I'd love one for taking pies on the subway or to picnics. Plus: pretty! I'm not usually into single-use kitchen items, but this could carry brownies, simple cakes, and anything else you'd like to avoid putting in ugly plasticware. I'm sold. Thanks for the tip, Kate!


  1. this is genius. i just made several pies for a friend of a friend & freaked out 30 minutes before she arrived when i realized i didn't have a good way to transport the pies. i embarrassingly went to my corner grocery store and stole a sabra hummus box to hold the pies. the piebox is now on my official christmas list & i have already emailed my sister alerting her to it's existence- both her personal and work emails. thanks for the tip!!!


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