Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Marshmallow "cake"

I've said before that making homemade marshmallows is, in the world of baking, as close as you can get to magic. And I have one friend in particular who is particularly devoted to my brand of magic (well, not just mine. give her a marshmallow from just about anywhere and watch it disappear). So for Kate's birthday, I decided to attempt a marshmallow "cake."


She's been subtly (and also not-so-subtly) hinting that she'd like an almond marshmallow for quite some time. So I mixed up a batch of my standard marshmallow recipe (this one) and added almond extract until the kitchen started to smell like what I'd imagine an almond grove might smell like. I topped them with toasted almonds. Never one to leave well enough alone, I made another batch and flavored it with salted caramel sauce.

I whipped these for an extra long time so they'd be extra tall and fluffy, and make a nice tall marshmallow "cake." Happy birthday, Kate! I'm glad you're so easy to please :)


  1. lizard -- tulip asked me to tell you how much she loves your mallows. i have to agree.

  2. I want to sleep on a pillow of the almond mallows (maybe without the nuts on top). They are heavenly.

  3. i just love everything about this post.


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