Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hey Dudes


I just happened across this great blog for dudes, and I've been getting a kick out of the posts even though I'm a dudette. Hey Dudes is written by two women who think that men are awesome "but there are times when you could be awesomer." From drinking like a man, to hosting a party (it is completely true, dudes, that it's totally hot when a guy is a good host), to emulating leading man style, the ladies behind Hey Dude give some spot-on advice.

And they've even attempted to demystify a few head-scratchers about us girls: why we take so long to get ready and what is up with all of our shoes?


  1. this is so awesome! my best friend bree is one of the ladies behind hey dudes and i love that you found her site! isn't it great? cheers!

  2. what a small world! you have a funny & smart best friend :)


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