Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bourbon Cherries


Now that fall is unofficially officially here, it's time to break out my Mason jars. One of my favorite parts of this season, the in between-y one we're in right now, where the sun still shines but the breezes begin to cool, is canning and preserving. I love that I can savor a late summer cherry or an early September apple in the middle of January, with just a little bit of work (ok, sometimes a lot) now.


So last week, I set out to try a new canning recipe with a few pounds of miraculous farmer's market cherries (seriously, they were the last bags left!). Using this recipe, I now posses five jars of pitted cherries swimming in garnet-colored bourbon syrup, lightly flavored with cinnamon.


I'm looking forward to slipping them into Manhattans on snowy, frigid nights this winter. Or using them as a grown-up topping for a bowl of vanilla ice cream.


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