Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend in Pictures

{waiting to get onto the Intrepid to see "E.T"}

{summer berries for pie}

{I stole a baby. just kidding, I borrowed her}

{strolling through brooklyn heights}

So, I saw "E.T." and loved it. It was so fun to see it in a big crowd, with everyone cheering and clapping for their favorite parts. Plus, how stinkin' cute was Drew Barrymore?

Aside from getting a step closer to my "No, Really, I Did Grow Up In The 80s, I Swear!" badge (Goonies up next!), I hung out with an adorable baby who thought eating all the grass in Union Square was an awesome way to spent a Saturday, and made a pie that I'll tell you about in a post this week. How was your weekend, friends?

1 comment:

  1. the captions are back! hooray!

    and what a cute little baby you borrowed. sounds like a lovely afternoon.


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