Friday, August 5, 2011

Better Late Than Never

Somehow, I've managed to live nearly 29 years without seeing "E.T." My parents once tried to get me to watch it during a sleepover, but everyone else had already seen it so they stayed in my room playing and I lasted through only the first five minutes before begging to be allowed to join my friends. So I'm excited to see it for the first time tonight, on an aircraft carrier in the Hudson.

It's a hidden talent of mine, to not have seen movies that fall into the category of "Movies Everyone Has Seen." And when I have seen those movies, it's when someone's found out I haven't seen a given movie, and makes me sit down to watch it. I swear, I don't go out of my way NOT to see movies, it just happens. For example:

Movies I Haven't Seen:
The Goonies
The Sound of Music
Indiana Jones (any of them)
Star Wars (any of them)

Movies I Saw 5-10 Years After Everyone Else:
Forest Gump
Schindler's List

I have, however, seen "Son in Law" more times than I can count.

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