Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dino Surprise Party


How to throw a dinosaur-themed surprise party:

1. Have best friends who like to talk about dinosaurs a lot. In particular, one whose name starts with T, so you can call her t-rex. Make sure she's born within a few days of Jurassic Park being shown on the Intrepid.

2. Plan to surprise her with a small, low-key birthday gathering on the deck of the Intrepid, just before the movie starts.

3. Assemble a bag of party supplies. Disguise it as a bag of movie snacks (after you take a picture of it for your blog). Make sure it includes party hats, noisemakers, dino cookies, dino temporary tattoos, a few dino-themed presents, and flowers, because even a portable party should be pretty.



4. Check the weather report. Assume that a 40% chance of rain is not a serious chance of rain.

5. While in line for the movie, watch lightning rip across the sky. Be informed by the lovely staff of the Intrepid that the ship is one giant lightning rod and the movie is canceled.

6. Do not be discouraged! Move the party indoors. This will involve quickly hailing a cab, returning to your apartment, renting Jurassic Park, and frantically texting/calling the birthday girl to tell her that the party, er, movie has been moved. Frantically text and email her fiance to ensure her arrival.

7. Get your apartment into party mode in record time. Order people around, then apologize. The sky outside will be turning greenish-black, illuminated occasionally by lightning.



8. Confirm that the birthday girl is still coming, despite the greenish-black sky. Wait by the door with a party hat.


9. Surprise her.


10. Make sure everyone has a dino tattoo before the movie begins.



11. Watch Jurassic Park while insane amounts of rain fall outside. Laugh at 1993's version of state-of-the-art technology, scream when the one person in the room who hasn't seen the movie screams, and realize that those dinosaurs are still really, really cool looking.


  1. "Order people around, then apologize." -- haha, oooh liz. well done on a dino-mite party!

  2. finally allowed my trex to rub off my arm this morning. sad. love this post.

  3. Bethany, it was your boyfriend who I was ordering around. Then apologizing to :)


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