Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rainy Day Movies


It's been rainy and gross all day (my shoes are still wet from the walk to work!) and I blissfully have no plans tonight, so I'm excited to stay in and watch a movie. Do you have any rainy day go-to movies? For me, a rainy day movie isn't something high brow or the latest Oscar nom, it has to be something I've seen 100 times (only a slight exaggeration). It's the movie-equivalent of an old sweatshirt. Here are a few of mine.


Of course, When Harry Met Sally. Classic. I love the scene at The Met and, of course, Harry's speech at the end of the movie.



Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette is so moody and dreamy, it's perfect for a rainy night. And how cool would it have been to film a movie at Versailles?!



Next up: Dan in Real Life. Have you seen it? Something about the Rhode Island setting and the big old house full of family makes it feel cozy and comforting. Plus, it really nails teenage angst.

octopus Colin-in-Love-Actually-colin-firth-580277_1024_576

And last, but by no means least, is the Christmas movie I could watch in the middle of July: Love Actually. Colin Firth, Hugh Grant dancing, cute kids, Christmas, London... I've never met anyone who doesn't like this movie.

So, those are my choices for tonight! What would you watch on a rainy night? This is somewhat of a common theme around here, I love a good night in.


  1. It's funny how you always reach for the same film on a rainy day isn't it? My go to films are The Birdcage, Baby Boom and Bridesmaids.

  2. Baby Boom! That's a good one :)

  3. love actually? nope, i'm not a fan.


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