Monday, December 12, 2011

(An Uptown) Weekend in Pictures

{early christmas presents}

{live! chickens!}

{207th st. station, built in 1906}

{inwood, manhattan}

{gifts sorted, wrapped, and ready to be given}

{white lights and garland}

I spent most of my weekend waaaaay uptown in Inwood, the neighborhood at the tippy-top of Manhattan. Some friends and I were helping out with an Angel Tree event, getting hundreds of presents ready to be given out to kids in the neighborhood with an incarcerated parent. It was really fun to spend a whole day wrapping presents for a good cause, and seeing a little bit of a neighborhood I don't end up in much (live chickens for sale!).

My roommates and I started our 12 Days of Christmas gift exchange over the weekend, which I'll be sharing throughout this week and next, along with regular posting.

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