Friday, December 9, 2011

Blue Christmas

Yay, it's Friday! My friend Katie recently said December feels like the fastest month and I really think she's right—it's flying by. Every December I get a little panicky that there won't be enough time to do everything on my "Christmas Bucket List." I want to watch all my favorite Christmas movies (there are quite a few), listen to all my favorite Christmas music (um, again, that's a lot), drink enough eggnog, see the store windows on 5th avenue, the list goes on... So, to get a little closer to getting it all accomplished, here's a pretty version of a pretty (but sad!) Christmas song from one of those Swedish girl bands, First Aid Kit. Happy weekend, everyone! I hope you get to do something festive.

PS - Didn't you love Trae's gift ideas for guys? I'm in awe of all the cool stuff he found. Maybe I'll actually get my dad a present this year, instead of fretting about it all month and then finally deciding he'd be happier if I made him dinner.

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