Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dad Sayings


When I saw this poster on Kate's Pinterest, I immediately thought of my dad. Isn't "Hold Your Horses" such a Dad kind of saying? If they also made a "Dream On, Alice" poster I could have a wall in my home as an homage to my Dad (he would simultaneously get a kick out of that and find it strange).

What kind of funny or eye-rolling things did your Dad say when you were growing up? If you say you're cold, hungry, or tired around my dad you can be guaranteed a hearty handshake and a "Nice to meet you, Hungry, I'm Ernie." Which kind of cracks me up now, but was totally the last thing I wanted to hear as an angsty pre-teen.


  1. when i think of ernie-isms i think of 'fair to middlin.' he's the only person i know who uses that phrase.

  2. haha, hanoibelle, I asked about your dad's sayings! although that's another classic of my dad's :)

  3. "Hold your horses" was one of my dad's as was "That a girl!" Aren't dads the best?!?


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