Friday, January 7, 2011

A very pink cake

{a very pink cake}

I made this cake in early December, but with all the stocking stuffers and baked goods to post about, it never made an appearance here. It was a surprise for my friend Bethany's birthday, and my goal was to make it very pink—inside and out.

{pink on pink on pink}

When a friend, wondering why I was making The World's Pinkest Cake, asked if Bethany wears a lot of pink, my response was, "No, but she lives it." So, for a girl with lives pinkly, I made this cake with a few changes: I used pureed strawberries between the layers and added some red food coloring to make the frosting pretty and pink.

{happy birthday, b}

The cake was definitely hit with the birthday girl, and an even bigger hit when it was brought out for an encore performance at the bar after dinner.

{pink cake at the bar}


  1. I really think pink cake should be available at every bar... Beautiful by the way:)

  2. loved the cake. love this. loooove you! you're the best :)

  3. mmmmmm. best bar night i have had in a long time. texas beer and pink cake.


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