Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mini cheesecakes and a surprise party

I swear on all the good intentions of January, my fridge is full of broccoli, kale and lean protein. But even though it's New Year's resolution season, people continue to have birthdays. And kale is just not appropriate birthday food. Cheesecake is.


{topped with strawberries}

My awesome and hilarious friend Murph celebrated her birthday over the Christmas holiday back home in Texas, but her New York friends didn't think that was enough celebrating. So a surprise party was planned, the guest of honor was lured to a bowling alley in Brooklyn, and silly socks were worn.

{bowling socks}

After a lightning round of bowling, there was one final surprise in store: mini cheesecakes in tiny mason jars. And continuing what is apparently becoming a tradition, we brought them out at the bar. Then ate them on the street.

{celebratory cheesecake in a bar}

{dessert on the street}

Happy birthday, Murph!


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