Thursday, January 6, 2011

A tea toddy


When I was in college, without fail, I spent the first few days of Christmas break sick. My body was only able to maintain health in the face of finals stress, all-nighters, and a steady diet of coffee, cereal and ramen for so long. When finals were over and I'd unloaded four giant loads of laundry into my parent's laundry room, I could finally relax—and so could my immune system. It felt like it was just waiting for me to slow down, so it could too. And I'd be forced into a few days of tissues and OJ on the couch while my immune system got back up to speed.

Apparently, this past December, I was living like a final-crazed college student again. Except that this time, I was Christmas-crazed. My late nights were spent wrapping and baking, and my diet was coffee, fudge, and cookies. And as I should have expected, I arrived at my parent's house with a telltale tickle in my throat.

Enter the tea toddy.

{earl grey, brewing}

A hot toddy is basically any warm cocktail, often made with whiskey, hot water, honey and lemon, but the combinations are really endless. This one, with earl grey tea, a splash of milk and more than a splash of bourbon, isn't really a recipe so much as a method. Combine to your tastes and enjoy to cure what ails you. Even if you're just sick of it being Thursday.

{earl grey tea toddy with bourbon}

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