Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hot Toddy for the Body

8:00 am


We've reached that point in winter. You know the one: the sparkle of Christmas and New Year's are so far gone you wonder if they even happened, and spring is still painfully far off. It's the doldrums of winter, the part that C.S. Lewis must have used to help his readers understand what Narnia was like under the spell of the White Witch. "Always winter, but never Christmas."

I don't mind winter, but around this time of year it gets to be a bit trying. I don't want to wear a hat anymore, I'm sick of my toes being cold, and I'm bored with all my sweaters. Enter: Hot Toddy for the Body. This smart little kit contains a scrub and body oil with scents and essential oils reminiscent of a real hot toddy. Doesn't it sound warm and refreshing? (Californians and Texans need not answer :)

How about you, any tricks to get through the last bits of winter? Besides a vacation!

Top photo by Chloe Price

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