Thursday, February 7, 2013

Simple Valentine Treats


Remember the Valentines you gave out as a kid? The paper ones, bright and a little cheesy, with the latest TV character wishing you a happy Valentines Day. For me, they were Rainbow Bright, Hello Kitty, then New Kids on The Block a little later. They were simple and easy: just tape on a piece of candy and bam! Valentine. That left the fun part, which was deciding what message to give to which classmate (being careful to avoid an "I choo choo choose you!" scenario). They were cheesy, not at all artful, but they were simple.

When I saw these heart shaped cookies at IKEA last weekend, they reminded me of the ease of those old school, kindergarten Valentines. So I decided to package them simply, add some festive ribbon, and pass them out a la elementary school. If only everyone still had construction paper mail boxes on their desks!



More Valentine's Day treat ideas:

Sweetheart Brownies
A Tiny Cake For Your Valentine
And a cute card to go with them.

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