Friday, June 22, 2012

Wedding Season: The Best Wedding Gift I've Ever Given


*I'm not a wedding blogger by any means (just a seasoned wedding guest), but with wedding season upon us I thought I'd share a few posts for brides and wedding guests alike. Today: my favorite group gift!*

When my friend Tracey got married last fall, a handful (eight, to be exact) of friends and I got together and gave the happy couple what turned out to be the best wedding gift I've ever given. It all started one late summer day when my roommate and I were walking home from brunch. We spotted a discarded chair that stopped us both in our tracks. It was super dirty and covered in weird yellow vinyl, but it had such a nice shape.


We considered keeping it for ourselves, but we didn't really need it. Then I remembered Tracey saying that she and her then-fiance were looking for a chair for their new living room. I texted her a picture and she liked it, so we carried it home. It was totally random that we ran across the chair, but I loved the idea of having it reupholstered for them as a wedding present.


Tracey and I went fabric shopping and she chose a gorgeous mustard yellow linen. We worked with a great (and relatively inexpensive) upholsterer in Brooklyn who did an amazing job restoring the chair to it's former glory. Actually, based on the weird yellow vinyl, I think the chair likely looks better now than it did when it was new!

IMG_1191m Hands down, it's my favorite wedding gift ever. It's so fun to see it in their living room now. And it made me think about getting a little more creative with gift-giving. Being able to split the cost with a group made it so do-able. I could see doing something similar with a thrift store find, or hand-me-down furniture for a young couple just starting out. What do you think, would you give furniture as a wedding gift?


  1. this was a fantastic idea. [pat, pat]. now on the hunt for one for 285!

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