Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Awesomest Book

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The other night, my roommate walked through the living room with a book under her arm called "An Awesome Book." I, of course, asked if it was an awesome book and she stopped what she was doing to make me read it. By the third page, it was already in my mental Amazon cart. And halfway through, I had to start the book over and read it out loud to our other roommate, holding the book up like a librarian to show the pictures. Oh, and I was kind of choked up by the end.

Guys, it's that good.

Screen shot 2012-06-01 at 1.03.41 AM

"An Awesome Book" is by writer and illustrator Dallas Clayton, who wrote it for his son. I think it's a pretty big deal in the world of children's books, but as a grown up and a non-mom, I hadn't heard of it. It's about dreaming big, and how sometimes people stop dreaming big and instead dream of things like matching silverware (oops. guilty!).

Screen shot 2012-06-01 at 1.03.41 AM

You can read the whole book online here and I highly recommend that you do. I think this is my new go-to baby shower gift!


  1. I love children's books, but as a non-mom always feel a bit silly buying them. There are some beautiful ones out there (I love anything by Oliver Jeffers in particular) and the fantastic It's a Book. This looks great as well- think I'll definitely check it out!

  2. love this. and rocket powered unicorns.


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