Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Road Trips


When I was in high school my girlfriends and I spent out summers driving up and down the state of California to see boys. It sounds scandalous, but they were friends from church camp so that must be how four teenage girls were allowed to leave for days at a time with the only destination being "(insert male name)'s house." We rode with our feet out the window, turned the radio up loud enough to be heard over the whir of the road, and ate obscene amounts of licorice.

It's been awhile since I stuck my feet out of a car window, but road trips as a "grown up" aren't all that different. A carefree, schedule-less escape, with loud music and good, bad-for-you food. I started daydreaming about road trips today after happening across this New York Magazine guide. The first one is a road trip I've been dreaming about as long as I've lived in New York: NYC to Maine for lobster! I'd try to add some blueberry picking along the way, and maybe stick my feet out the window.

Photo via Kate Spade

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