Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hi-Hat Cupcakes


For my friend Kate's birthday this past weekend, I was conflicted about what dessert I should make. I've made marshmallows for her for two years running, but started wondering if she'd maybe like a cake for a change. When I asked if she'd rather have marshmallows or cake, she helpfully answered, "Both!" So, both it was.


I made Hi-Hat cupcakes, which combine rich chocolate cake with marshmallow frosting piled high and dipped in melted chocolate. And they're really stinkin' adorable. I've been wanting to experiment with marshmallow frosting (so named for its resemblance to marshmallow fluff, I think it's also called seven minute frosting) and I'm in loooove with it! It's a little time consuming, but worth the effort. So fluffy and shiny and fun!



Topped with a pink cake flag with a sparkly skull (the birthday girl's favorite thing, next to marshmallows) they were pretty much too cute to handle.


  1. Those look like so much fun (and so yummy!) They're very cute and I can just imaging how yummy and soft that frosting would be!


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