Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Birthday Date


Earlier this week I took some of my favorite kiddos out for a belated birthday date. I've been taking each of my friend Kristen's kids on a special little outing for their birthdays, and it worked out well that the youngest two, Jones (now 6) and Lael (now 4), were born two days apart.

Since my camera died, I snapped a bunch of photos on my phone that I wouldn't normally post here because they're lame cell phone photos. But now that Instagram is available for my Android phone, I thought this would be a good opportunity to play around with the app!

Picnik collage

When I originally asked Lael what she wanted to do for her birthday date, she said "Go to Shake Shack, then Starbucks, then my house." I decided to stick with just Shake Shack :) After picking them up, we headed over to the bus (them on scooters, I was on foot) and took a short ride over to the requested destination.

Picnik collage

While we waited for our burgers and frozen custard, I pulled out the one trick I had up my sleeve to make it a "birthday" date: rainbow striped party hats. I was really not expecting the excitement that followed, they were thrilled! Lael ripped off her warm hat (which we put back on a little later) to wear the party hat, while Jones went for an over-the-helmet look.

Picnik collage



All in all, a lovely time with this hilarious brother-sister duo. And a fun first try with Instagram!

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  1. Oh I can not stop smiling reading this and seeing their faces! There are still 2 birthday hats sitting on their dresser and everything they spend more than five minutes creating or working on is going in a folder "for Liz" They love you and so do I. Thank you so much for being our family in the city.


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