Friday, July 29, 2011

There's such a lot of world to see...

This song feels like a warm, dreamy, summer's night to me. So, have a dreamy weekend, everyone!

PS - Don't you love her voice? Thanks to Brooke for the introduction.


  1. I love this song and this version. I've just discovered your blog and love, LOVE it! i feel like the posts were written for me. love reading, summer nites with friends, everything vintage inspired, and i dedicated a year and a half learning how to do pastry.

    thank you for writing this blog, it's divine!


  2. hi liz! just stumbled upon your adorable little blog and can't wait to follow your adventures! love this song and post! x kate

  3. this song is so dreamy. thanks for sharing :) loved listening to it.

  4. such sweet comments, thank you! I've been listening to this song all afternoon, it's not a bad one to have stuck in your head :)


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