Thursday, July 28, 2011

Book Obsession

I'm currently completely and totally obsessed with The Book Thief. Have you read it? It takes place in Nazi Germany and is told from the point of view of Death (like the grim reaper, but not exactly, as he explains). Which I know makes it sound dark, but it's the kind of darkness you can handle because there's beams of light all throughout it. Does that make any sense? The writing is so achingly beautiful, I want to put in my pocket to keep forever.

My friend Murph recommended it to me during our cabin weekend a few weeks ago when the conversation turned to favorite books and I am so, so glad she did. Do you have any favorite books? I always love to reread The Great Gatsby in the summer.


  1. The Book Thief is amazing, enjoy the rest of it!


  2. Oh, Lizard. YOUR writing is achingly beautiful. Seriously: "...but it's the kind of darkness you can handle because there's beams of light all throughout it."

    That's the best little book review I've seen in quite awhile.

  3. That photo is incredible. And I totally understand feeling that way about a book! How beautifully you expressed the feeling, too.

  4. I'm always looking for book suggestions. I think I'll read this! I just read Suite Francaise and loved it! Also read Freedom this year which was wonderful. My favorite book of all time is A Moveable Feast, so I read The Paris Wife which is a fictional novel in Hadley Hemmingway's point of view about their years in Paris. It's a fun read! Ok I'll stop now. (I love books!)

  5. I just read the Hunger Games, Paris Wife and Something Borrowed. I'm on a book roll! :P

    LOVED the Hunger Games and looking for the 2nd book! Paris Wife was great. Something Borrowed didn't like (didn't like the movie either...)

    I need to read the Book Thief now.

  6. Michelle, thank you for the reminder about A Moveable Feast! It's been on my reading list for ages, I need to move it up to the top. Love Hemingway. And The Paris Wife sounds interesting, that might need to make the list too.


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