Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Summer hair

*Male readers (all two of you) please direct your attention here. We're talking about hair. 

I know it's still technically spring, but with a high of 80 degrees today it (finally) feels like summer in New York City. It has me thinking about summer hair. Specifically updo styles, for those days when it's too hot to wear clothes (but you have to) and the thought of letting your hair touch your neck is unbearable. So I'm excited to try some of these styles from Hair Romance as the humidity settles in.





I'm kind of obsessed with Hair Romance and her 30 Days of Twists & Pins (30 updos in 30 days!). Now, if only she could create a tutorial to give "big" hair to those of us with "little" hair. It's my ultimate hair dream.

Ok, before the girly-vanity post is over, here's one more tutorial: a big, poufy party bun from Reagan of Hairdresser on Fire. Maybe it'll get me a little closer to my big hair dreams.


  1. speaking of hair things, i bought my very own tiny bottle of bumble & bumble styling creme last night! thanks for the tip :)

  2. This is just absolutely gorgeous! I love it!


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