Friday, April 29, 2011

The Manmosa

I don't know if you know this, but Easter is kind of girlie. Or at least, that's what some guy friends were saying in the days leading up to Easter brunch (some of those guys showed up in lavender and pale pink...just sayin'). So, in an effort to make Easter a bit more manly, my roommate suggested we serve Blue Sunrises instead of mimosas. A Blue Sunrise, it turns out, is a drink that she and some of the aforementioned guys invented on a cabin weekend as a way to drink beer in the morning by mixing it with orange juice.


The Blue Sunrises were a hit, only I kept calling them "Manmosas" since they were on the menu to make brunch a bit less girlie. We used Blue Moon beer (hence the name Blue Sunrise), but I'm sure any wheat beer would be fine. If you make these, play around with the proportions. I liked about 70% beer to 30% orange juice, but a lot of the guys were filling the glass nearly full with beer and adding just a splash of juice. Enjoy!

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