Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween in Chelsea


I hadn't planned to write a post about Halloween, but walking home tonight with the last few trick-or-treaters it was too much fun to not show it to you.


That's not misty air, or subway grate steam, there was a fog machine creating that effect.


Someone's haunted front stoop. I'd guess they figured no parent would let their kids go into some guy's apartment for a haunted house, so they set it up out front. Complete with a fog machine, and a guy pretending to be a fake mummy until just the right moment when he'd jump up and scare the heck out of the kids. And, um, a girl with her camera.



I saw a few of these signs around the neighborhood. At one bodega, I overheard Ariel say, "I don't believe them!" as she charged into the store, bright red wig askew on her head.

Picnik collage

Dia De Los Muertos papel picado banners hung in the window.




I wasn't able to take a picture the best costume of the night, because I was too stunned by its awesomeness to get out my camera. Earlier in the night, when tons of kids were out trick-or-treating, I was approached by a tiny Harry Potter. He looked back at his Dad and asked if he could cast a spell on "that lady." His Dad looked at me for my approval and I nodded. Tiny Harry thrust his wand in my direction and bellowed "Expecto Patronum!" His Dad then stepped forward and unrolled a silver stag made out of shiny silver paper. I was almost too impressed to react properly, then remembered my Harry Potter-fan self and tried to slink away like a proper Dementor. Killer costume, kid!

I'm curious, what good costumes did you see this year?

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