Friday, June 24, 2011

The Sixth Borough

"The children of New York captured fireflies in glass jars, which they floated between the boroughs. The bugs would slowly asphyxiate, flickering rapidly for their last few minutes of life. If it was timed right, the river shimmered..."

A lovely illustration of the Sixth Borough by Danie Drankwater (via I Love Charts).

Have you ever read the story? The Sixth Borough is a short story by Jonathan Safran Foer that originally appeared in the New York Times, then in his book Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (side note: have you read that book? If the answer is no: run, do not walk, to the nearest bookstore and get it). Like everything he writes, the story is magical, a little sad, and totally beautiful. It's one of my favorite short stories.


  1. Beautiful. The Sixth Borough is one of my favorite stories... I find my self daydreaming about it a lot during the summer.

  2. i just discovered your lovely blog and i had to comment because extremely loud and incredibly close is my favorite book of all time! have you read tree of life? i just got it from amazon but i haven't opened it yet... i want to save it for a special day.


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