Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hello Giggles

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Have you checked out HelloGiggles yet? It's a humor and entertainment website started by Zooey Deschanel and her friends (and funny ladies) Sophia Rossi and Molly McAleer. I was sort of dubious at first, but I really should have learned by now that pretty much everything Zooey Deschanel does is good (don't prove me wrong, New Girl). They post fun things, mostly aimed at the ladies, like Honorary Husbands, Saved By The Bell episode recaps, useful advice, and funny rants.

Now that HelloGiggles has wiggled its way into my daily reads, I wanted to share some of my fave pieces so far, by way of introduction:

"I’m pretty sure that red lipstick is swagger’s godmother."
Beauty Tips to Make You Feel Like A Queen, by Molly McAleer

"All-access pass to Cuteville without the hassles of gestation, lactation, and 3 a.m. diaper changes."
Your Friends Babies Are Your Babies Too, by Julia Gazdag

"Buy good stuff and take great care of it. It will last forever, and you can pass it down to your grandchildren (if they don’t have giant, man feet)."
Things I Am Learning From My Grandma, by Nicole Shabtai

"They are cheaply made costume dresses that rip easily and seem to attract spaghetti sauce, but to him they might as well be Versaces."
Princess Zach, by Shane Nickerson

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