Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The best of Renegade

I wanted to show you some of my favorites from the Renegade Craft Fair. A few of them you might be familiar with from other blogs, but they make really great things so I'll share them just in case they're new to you.

Forestbound makes gorgeous bags out of salvaged textiles and hardware. They'd definitely be more of a big ticket purchase for me, but I drool every time I check out their site. It was great to get to see and touch the bags in person at Renegade. Check the site often.

Bettula is home to all things birch. Her birch vases are great (wouldn't they be pretty at an earthy, outdoor wedding?), but what really blew me away was her birch jewelry. Especially the cuffs.

If you read Cup of Jo you've seen these genius morse code necklaces from Coatt before. I've always thought they were a cute idea, but after seeing them in person, I'm definitely sold. I love how simple they are - I'm a huge fan of necklaces you can wear everyday. Rebecca even had a few necklaces wrapped around her wrist as bracelets!

And lastly, I loved Claudia Pearson's illustrations. She does a lot of great food and kitchen-themed prints and tea towels that would be great gifts for friends who love to cook.

But really, I was drawn to her shop by this Brooklyn print. My friends seem to be moving to Brooklyn in droves these days, so it reminded me of the excitement of finding a new apartment and getting settled in an awesome neighborhood.

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