Monday, November 11, 2013

Autumn in New York


Oh, friends. The last time I was here it was July. It was hot and muggy and there were fireworks, and now it's brisk and chilly and there are falling, colorful leaves. Sorry about that.

A friend mentioned to me once that there's a catalogue on the Internet, somewhere, of all the blog posts where the author apologizes for going quiet for a few days, weeks, whatever. And it's comical that so many of these exist, because on the one hand there's the early-Internet belief that still rings in our ears: "Who cares what you had for lunch?" In other words, you don't know the people you're writing for, so why apologize? And on the other hand, we all know that we come to enjoy the daily dose of levity, beauty, etc. that we get from our favorite bloggers. And so, not hearing from them for awhile feels a bit like having a phone call ignored.

All that to say, I just haven't had much to say lately. But for whatever reason, today I felt like telling you that I think the soundtrack to When Harry Met Sally is the perfect music to listen to during autumn. So, here I am, telling you that. Besides the fact that When Harry Met Sally is a great movie to watch in the fall (it's right up there with You've Got Mail), Harry Connick Jr.'s jazzy soundtrack is full of the type of melodies and older songs ("Don't Get Around Much Anymore") that sound just a little like...Christmas music. But, it isn't Christmas music, so it's totally appropriate to listen to in November. (And, as a bonus, there's an instrumental version of "Winter Wonderland" on it, but that's not your fault. You were just sitting there listening to a movie soundtrack and a Christmas song came on. It'd be rude to skip it.)

Do you (are you still out there?) have a favorite album for this time of year?

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  1. I'm still listening! I'd wondered where you had gone to! Thank you for fix to my "want to listen to Christmas music and can't hardly wait to put the fork down after the Thanksgiving meal and put on Amy Gran'ts Tender Tennessee Christmas but still want to honor Fall" dilemma!


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