Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Shop Around The Corner



Have you ever seen The Shop Around The Corner? It might sound familiar because it's the name of Kathleen Kelly's store in You've Got Mail. In fact, You've Got Mail is a modern adaptation of The Shop Around The Corner, so the stories are similar. Except instead of exchanging emails, the characters are pen pals. Pen pals!!

Anyway, Jimmy Stewart and Margaret Sullivan play shop clerks who can't stand each other. Meanwhile, they each have a pen pal that they're writing to and falling for...if you've seen You've Got Mail, I'm sure you know where the story is headed. Anyway, it's funny, delightful and Christmas-y. It's available to watch online through Amazon, and would be perfect with a mug of tea or cocoa tonight. Especially if you, like me, renew your crush on Jimmy Stewart every December :)

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