Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fall Clean Up


There’s something about the changing seasons that inspires a little non-weather change, isn’t there? Usually it’s switching over the closet, bringing out warmer clothes from under the bed and getting rid of a few sweaters. But this week, as the air has gotten a little cooler, I’ve found myself cleaning out something else…my inbox!

I’ve been on a huge “unsubscribe” kick, applying a similar rule to the one I have for my closet. In my closet: If I haven’t worn it in a year, off to Goodwill it goes. In my inbox: if I haven’t used this product/service in the last six months, unsubscribe! Goodbye Gilt, goodbye Sephora, goodbye weird online survey service I subscribed to when I was young and broke. Hello, fewer emails! I’d highly recommend it.

How about you, any season changing purges (closet or otherwise) on the horizon?

Photo by Ursis Wehrli


  1. if you (or former residents of your apartment) receive junk mail, i recommend paper karma. it is an iPhone app (maybe available on other platforms?). i take a picture of offending mail, and paper karma takes care of the details to un-subscribe me from the mailing list. here's to saving trees, simplifying the mail, and less stacks on my husband's desk.


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