Friday, February 3, 2012

The Big Game


There's a big game this weekend that millions of Americans will gather around television sets across the country to enjoy as one nation: The Puppy Bowl. Ok, so yes, there is another big game happening, but let's talk about one that we can all enjoy, not just those of us who like football.

If you're not familiar with the highlight of a dog lover's year, let me explain. The Puppy Bowl runs at the same time as The Super Bowl every year and features a bunch of adorable puppies frolicking on a miniature football field. That's it! Four hours of puppies. It's pretty much the greatest. Let's take a look at some standouts in this year's starting line up:






All the dogs in this year's Puppy Bowl are shelter dogs available for adoption, which I love. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure the Super Bowl party I'm going to won't be showing the Puppy Bowl, so I'll just have to catch the highlights on Monday. And when I do, this puppy voice will definitely be happening.

Happy weekend, everyone!

Top photo via here for Animal Planet, all other photos from Animal Planet

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