Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lovely Surprises


I've mentioned before that I don't always love surprises. But surprise presents for no reason at all are a totally different thing. On Sunday night at church, two friends brought me two presents and they were just too lovely not to tell you about.


First, my friend Murph (who is an amazing baker) made these sweet cupcakes for friends and I was one of the lucky recipients. Had she simply handed me a cupcake I would have been pretty excited, but there's just something that feels extra special when someone goes to the extra effort of making something look pretty. Isn't that box great? (It's kind of like these.)

IMG_1825  IMG_1828
And then my friend Bethany handed me this lovely tote that caught my eye back in November when we went to Fifteen Eleven while we were in DC for Thanksgiving. I gushed and gushed about how cute it was, but bought some gold twine instead (just too much to choose from at that store!). Anyway, I absolutely love it, and my oh-so-thoughtful friends. They made a random Sunday night so cheery!

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