Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend in pictures

{birthday cake frosting, saturday}

{happy birthday megan, saturday}

{late night present wrapping, early sunday}

{birthday brunch blueberries, sunday}

{birthday brunch set up, sunday}

{crappy phone photo, signs of spring, sunday}

A lot of my friends had the good sense to be born in March, to provide a welcomed distraction from the last few weeks of cold, dreary weather with their sunny celebrations (see: last weekend). Plus, it gives me an excuse to make lots of cakes. This weekend's banana coconut cake (recipe post soon) was for my roommate Megan's birthday and like all good cakes it made its debut at a bar in Brooklyn. The celebrating continued on Sunday morning with brunch at home and chatter about friends who popped the question this weekend, and the friends who said, "yes!" Congrats to Tracey, Greg, Liz, and Steven!

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